About us

Our history

The year was 1994 when the brothers Daniel & Fredric Agnhammar started baking candy sticks in a small basement in the outskirts of Gränna. They wanted to be the most genuine candy store in Gränna and also have an old-fashioned style.

The company was called “Polkapojkarna” which translates to “the Polka boys”. And that name describes perfectly how the company was like in the beginning; Two young boys that had a passion for candy and it’s handicrafts. Already from the beginning we valued good relations and happy customers highly.

To be able to make it financially we both had to have a job on the side, so the first years were quite heavy. 1997 we moved our business to Brahegatan 59 on the main street in Gränna and we’ve been here since then. Soon we were the owners of the finest candy store in Gränna. Here we make candy using Amalia Erikssons original recipe and keep the old Gränna tradition going.

Today Polkapojkarna consists of a larger crew of both “polka boys” and “polka girls” that’s working with the craftsmanship, the store, retailers, webshop, guided tours, kickoff events and much more. One thing we all have in common though is that we have fun at work, both together but also with our customers.

Throughout the years we’ve gotten many amazing customer relations. Some are good friends since years back, others are a bit newer but still equally welcome of course.

We’ve also gotten a few awards throughout the years, for example “Company of the year”, “Candy bakers of the year” and more. They usually say that “the customer always comes first”, but for us that’s not just something you say, it’s our motto. That’s why we are the candy store with the highest rating in Gränna on all the different sites. We are particularly proud of Trip Advisors “Certificate of Excellense” that we got six years in a row since 2012.

There’s always a happy baker standing at the pot in our small “kitchen”. He/she gladly puts on a show for you to see. You will be able to see how the candy sticks are made, learn about the history of the town and its candy, try freshly made candy dough and more.

In our store you’ll find a big selection of candies, candy sticks, caramels and fudge in many different flavors. You’ll surely be greeted by one of our nice staff members that would be happy to offer you a sample, show you around and help you find what you’re looking for.

If you can’t visit us in Gränna then our webshop is a perfect alternative. Here you’ll find our whole assortment, always freshly made and delicious!

Welcome to our webshop and to us here in Gränna!

Fredric Agnhammar

Management, staff & sale

Fredric loves candy sticks and he loves Gränna. He's a multitasker that has a passion for putting Gränna on the map as "the Candy Capital of the World".

Daniel Agnhammar

Management, purchase & sale

Likes sports cars, barbeque and Germany. When he's not in the office selling everything he can find you can usually find him on the Nürburgring driving his BMW M3 like a pro. In the evenings he's working with www.condobythewater.com and he also won the "Candy championship" back in 2004.

Alexander Göransson

Purchase, sale & office

Alexander once started as a baker but eventually ended up in the office. Our own troubadour and happily plays any instrument he can get his hands on.


Simon "Moni" Vadsten


At first the big brother Mattias started working for us, then came the middle brother Markus. Simon is the little brother Vadsten and has been working for us since he was a child. Simon likes sport, almost too much, especially soccer and floorball...

Erik Greve


Except being an extraordinary baker Erik is also our own master photographer. Thanks to studies both in Sweden and in the USA he has the ability to capture any moment in the best possible way without any trouble using his beloved camera.

Emil Rolfsson


Emil has been with us for more than half his life, almost 18 years now. When he's not at work making candy sticks you can find him at home at his farm taking care of his cows and other "farm stuff".

Markus Vadsten


The middle brother Vadsten. A big sports fan, as his brothers. He's also a big fan of his girlfriend Eila

Rasmus Käll


When he's not in the kitchen singing along to the radio and making candy he's off somewhere to put out fires since he also works as a firefighter.