Environmental policy

Here you’ll find our environmental policy and what we do to help make the world as green as possible


We at Polkapojkarna value sustainable production and manufacturing. We cherish the traditional candy stick craftsmanship and genuine raw materials and we want the production and flavors to be as authentic as possible, as it used to be.

Our handmade confection is always made with natural ingredients accordning to traditional recipes and we strive to buy our ingredients/raw materials locally. We also climate compensate as much as possible.

When it comes to our traditional, old-fashioned fudge and caramel we often get the question if it contains palm oil. It’s becoming more and more common to replace genuine ingredients like butter and cream with palm oil to keep the prices down. At Polkapojkarna we don’t one single caramel or fudge that contains palm oil, so the answer is a big no. We make our caramels and our fudge with cream and butter because it’s not only better for the environment but because it simply tastes much better.

What we are doing to contribute to a sustainable production

  • Locally produced ingredients and raw materials are used for our production as much as possible.
  • Our staff has taken courses in Eco-driving which we exercise when driving our company cars.
  • During our production we use natural aromas e.g. freshly pressed peppermint oil, Xanté, Jameson and Galliano in our cocktail candy sticks, and more.
  • We don’t use azo dyes.
  • All of our candy sticks has climate compensated wrapping paper.
  • We recycle our cardboard and plastics etc.
  • Increased awareness concerning enivornmental issues within the company through continuous discussion with our staff.
  • We influence and make demands on other companies, authorities and organisations that we collaborate with.
  • We keep a continous dialogue with our suppliers concerning environmental aspects, demands and thinking.
  • We minimize the negative effects on the environment caused by our transports through streamlining and choose appropriate transport choices.
  • We use paper packaging as much as possible in our packages.
  • We use mail for almost all our correspondence and billing. If not, we use paper envelopes made from natural paper.
  • We use rechargeable batteries.
  • We don’t have catalogs, brochures or any other advertising on paper and such.
  • We use energy efficient light bulbs.
  • All of the electricity we use comes from wind turbines.
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