1 box of mixed candy belts 50cm (60pcs)

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1 box of mixed candy belts 50cm (60pcs)

A box of both sweet, salt and sour candy belts. We always choose the best selling flavors but if you want any specific flavors please let us know.

If you sell these for 2 euro each you can earn up to 58 euro.

Ingredients for all our candy belts: sugar, wheat flour, glucose syrup, molasses, ammonium chloride, invert sugar, starch from barley, vegetable fats, glycerol, potato starch, lactic acid, black bakery syrup, licorice, sorbitol, salt, agar-agar, emulsifier: E471, humectant agents: E422, preservatives: E211, acidity regulators: E330, E296, E334, E325, E331, maltodextrin, lactose, sodium citrate, gelatin, moisture container: E471, potassium sorbate, shellac, beeswax, aromas, ammonia, colors: E153, E171, E120, E160cc, E100, E150, Surface treatment agents: vegetable oil, glyceryl monosated, E901, E904, E903.

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