Protected geographical indication

Protected geographical indication in EU

We are proud to announce that “Äkta Gränna Polkagrisar“, our world famous candy sticks, are now a registered as a unique product that is only allowed to be made within the old district of Gränna town.
Protected geographical indication (PGI) highlights the correalation between a product name and a certain geographical area. The product has a significant quality, a pronounced reputation and other qualities that in all respect can be connected to named geographical area. Said certification makes us part of a large group of highly considered products such as Swedish Punch, Italian parma ham, Italian Permesan cheese, French Champagne etc.

The application process was very long and it took about five years to get it approved. The whole process has been closely monitored by the health department of Jönköping, the national food administration, the Swedish board of aggriculture and also the EU parlament in Brussels, for deliberation and final approval.

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Äkta Gränna Polkagrisar
Authentic Gränna Candy sticks

Protected geographical indication


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